Friday, May 27, 2011

Nokia will still Support Symbian till 2016 Says CEO Stephen Elop [Interview]

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has recently been interviewed by Nokia Conversation Blog Regarding Symbian And some other Issues. Some of Symbian fans are really curious to know what will happen to Symbian when Windows Phone 7 take over all the Nokia Phones. So in order to put these fears to rest once and for all, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop addressed the issue in an interview with Nokia Conversations blog.

In this Interview, he told Nokia Conversation Blog that Windows Phone 7 will definitely take over Symbian but not that soon. Windows Phone 7 will be their Primary SmartPhone platform, but they'll provide software updates to Symbian devices will continue at least till the year 2016.

So this means if you now get an N8, you'll be wondering how long will the device will be supported by the manufacturer. So now Elop has confirmed that you'll be able to get updates till 2016. and you will most likely change your device before Nokia drops support for Symbian, if they do at all.

Check out the Video Below:

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