Friday, May 20, 2011

WP7's Zune Player now Hits Android Devices Unofficially [Download] [Demo Video]

Here we have an interesting news for you, As many of you, or almost everyone knows that Microsoft's WP7 OS is unique with respect to Android and iOS, and it have also got so many features differentiating it from android and iOS devices. Here we have got an App for Android Devices, which is the same as the WP7's Zune Player, But the amazing thing is that this App is not official. An developer has created the Zune Player Look a like for Android Device, and that Developer(Federico Carnales) is not other than the creator of the Famous LauncherPro.

This app for Android, Looks same like the Zune Player for WP7. But as it is in Beta so tere might be some Bugs in it.

Check out the Video, How it looks like when compared with Zune Player:

The name of the App is still Unknown, because the Developer of this App haven't yet given any name to it. But right now it is called as “fede’s music app”.

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