Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple also Blocked the Way to Downgrade your iDevice using SHSH Blobs [Warning]

iPhone Dev team hacker, MuscleNerd has tweeted on his twitter account about the new Security system for iOS 5 which Apple is working on to disallow hackers from Jailbreaking and Unlocking iOS devices. Recently, We reported that Apple has blocked the way to unlock your iPhone using Gevey Sim Method on iOS 5 beta 2. And now once again, this tweet of MuscleNerd confirms that Apple has also blocked the way to restore your iDevice using SHSH Blobs.

Uh oh...the days of restoring with saved SHSH blobs are nearing an end :( Apple is getting much smarter with APTicket.
But users who have already saved SHSH blobs have the ability to restore, But after upgrading to iOS 5 users will loose ability to Save SHSH Blobs and restore again. So users who rely on Jailbreaking should not update their device to iOS 5.

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