Friday, June 24, 2011

An Exclusive Interview with World Most Wanted Hacker, The Leader of LulzSec

Now almost everyone of you would be aware of the Hacker Group who call themselves the Lulz Security (LulzSec), and these are those hackers who are responsible for taking down CIA, U.S. Senate, Sony, Fox, and PBS which they claims themselves. According to reports LulzSec is a Whole Team working behind all that hacking on CIA And Sony etc. We've also found Some Information about LulzSec and their members, It is stated below:

Main Crew - Sabu , Topiary(Leader), Kayla , Tflow

Sub Crew - Joepie, Avunit ,Neuron, Storm, Pwnsauce, devrandom, Redacted , trollpoll, voodoo, Nakomis, Barret Brown


Hackers in the Group - Sabu, TrollPoll, Tflow, Kayla, Avunit, VooDoo, Redacted, Devrandom

DDOS - Storm

PR - Joepie, Topiary, Barret Brown and Nakomis

Coders - Pwnsauce and Neuron

Here we have brought you an Exclusive Interview of Topiary(The leader of LulzSec) taken by some guys at, As all knows he's now the most notorious hacker around, and if he's caught, he might have to spend many years behind bars. But when Topiary was interviewed he said tat He is not worried about a thing.

Recently this week on Tuesday the news came out that the Leader of LulzSec has been arrested, An 19 year Old Guy from England named Ryan Cleary . And the media started reporting that Police is Interrogating Cleary, and the other members of LulzSec will soon be arrested. But soon it's been revealed that, Cleary wasn't any member of LulzSec. 
Cleary's only connection to LulzSec, Topiary claims, was that he ran a chat server that hosted a public LulzSec "fan room" where supporters could gather. "We had identical fan chats on 2600, AnonOps, Efnet, Rizon, Unreal, etc…" Topiary says, listing off other chat networks.

he said:

"What's changed? Ryan isn't part of LulzSec… No LulzSec arrests have been made. Our Twitter hasn't even been suspended," 

"The mass media are clueless and have spun 'LulzSec leader' out of their own asses, when there are no facts to support that Ryan is related to LulzSec,"

LulzSec's Tweet on Ryan Cleary Arrest

This Group of hackers is no more threatened by anyone, as the leader "Topiary" says, his group—whose core is composed of just a handful of hackers—feels no more threatened. It's always about security for them. LulzSec's main objective is that, they want to show people how insecure the Web is and that is how easy for them to Hack.

LulzSec first ever hack was the take-down of and PBS, this started in May 2011. And after that they embarked on a stunning spree of public hacks.They also hacked PBS in revenge for an unflattering Wikileaks documentary, attacked an FBI-affiliated non-profit, took down the websites of the CIA and British law enforcement. They stole and leaked information from corporations like Sony in an effort, they say, to expose poor online security.

But when Topiary was asked about the 62,000 random Accounts which they hacked and revealed to Public on their twitter Profile, He said, LulzSec has nothing to do with that. "We didn't touch them. The Twitter horde did,". that gained them some 250,000 Twitter followers. Topiary probably felt no need to justify LulzSec's actions because to him, it's all for laughs. He added:

"LulzSec is the expression of energy through comically malicious and entertaining cybermaterials,"
The Interesting Part though, LulzSec has now got Global famous, so it's not just Authorities who are threatening them. There are also some Rival hacker groups who want to Expose LulzSec. And these include Th3j35t3r," "Team P0ison" and "Web Ninjas" and others. But Topiary also don't take them seriously as he said that, 

"They are lonely people that are programmed to feel that they need an enemy at all times," "If we're out of their lives, they don't have much going for them."
And it's not yet just the end of their Story, this time their onto something, something Big. This is their latest operation which they call it "AntiSec". This include hacking of government agencies and banks with the specific goal of stealing secret documents and leaking them.. And it is true, they've already released the first document regarding Arizona Police. This is soon to be followed by more documents as they leak them:

he said:
"As an arrogant and violent sociopath driven to a frenzy by the sense of my own power, I can't divulge the upcoming releases,"
But at the end of this all, he was asked If he's worried about getting caught or something. he replied:
"Worrying is for fools!"

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Max ****room said...

 Securitopiary is Sabu.  @atopiary was topiary, who turned himself over to authorities several days ago.  Sabu's working those hand puppets hard, but there's only one of his crew still on the loose.

BlackShadow said...

try hack me!

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