Thursday, June 23, 2011

Microsoft Vs Apple - The History Of Computing [Infographic]

It's very Interesting to know about the Huge, Gigantic companies which have more history than any other. Sean Lind at Manolution have created an real interesting Infograph of Apple vs Microsoft, and the history of Computing. It tracks the timeline of the two companies, with major announcements and the change in shareprice between events. The chart lists every major product launch by the two companies, major changes to the companies, and their respective stock prices at the time.

It's amazing to look at the stock price swing with the release of new products, and also to see that MS stock has actually fallen since they went public in 1986 ($27.50 then versus $24.01), whereas Apple stock has gone from $25.12 in 1984 through $17.00 in 2000 to be at $338.04 now. 

Check out the Infograph Below, click to enlarge the Infograph:

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