Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iOS 5 Beta 3 New Features - Assistive Touch And Custom Text Tones [Demo Video]

Apple has released the new iOS 5 Beta 3 to Developers yesterday, So after getting Hands on with the new Beta they've found some new features in iOS 5 beta 3 in which the most interesting one is the Assistive Touch feature which has been demoed in the Video below, and secondly Apple has also added the Custom Text Tones feature this means users can change from default tones to their own Custom tones.

And the Custom tone feature is not just limited to Text Messages, users can also change the default Tone of unheard voicemail, new e-mails, sent emails, sent tweets, calendar alerts, and reminder alerts to their own selected custom tones.

Now the Assistive Touch feature, As this option was already available in previous Beta of iOS 5 but it's now just been activated so users can use it. This new feature is meant to provide additional interactivity for those who might have trouble using the traditional gestures and buttons on the iPad.

Check out below the Demo Video of how this new feature Works:

This control panel is activated with a swipe from a user-designated corner of the screen (in apps, the home screen, and the lock screen, Notification Center, etc). Once this new panel is activated, an HUD (heads-up-display) type of menu will appear. From this menu a user can rotate the screen orientation, control the device’s volume, “shake” the device (is an API for developers in applications), lock the display and more.
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