Tuesday, August 9, 2011

16 Years old teenager Arrested in Glasgow for trying to Provoke Riots using Facebook

It's recently been reported that there have been some riots going on in UK, due to which there's some instability around UK and it have done some great damage, most of the stores around UK are looted or destroyed. 
So for that same reason, an 16 year old teenager has been arrested in Glasgow, which was attempting to start a riot following similar riots across London, Birmingham and Bristol over the last 48-hours. This guys is now in custody with the Strathclyde Police.

Basically, this guy created an Facebook Page named as ‘Let’s start a riot in Glasgow’, and in reaction to that calls were made for the Facebook page, ‘Let’s start a riot in Glasgow’, to be closed by the social media site, and most of them also reported this page. And Facebook has at least now taken the page down.

As Strathclyde Police got this news they took their step and arrested this guy. Strathclyde Police has said that at the time of writing there was ‘no intelligence’ to suggest that there was any trouble planned in the city.

According to the Police:
"Let there be no mistake, we are ready for any eventuality and will take any action necessary to prevent this kind of abhorrent behaviour. The action we took today should act as a strong warning to anyone who is thinking of causing trouble here."
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