Tuesday, August 9, 2011

External Thunderbolt Graphics Cards to be Soon released for Mac and Windows Laptops

Recently, A poll on Facebook has been held by Village Instruments regarding external Graphics card for MAc and Windows, And as a result of that poll Village Instruments has agreed to begin development of an external Thunderbolt-connected graphics card enclosure. Village Instruments already has experience with its ExpressCard-connected ViDock graphics card chassis, which provides extra GPU juice for Windows and Mac laptops, and the Thunderbolt version is expected to be the same kind of thing, but faster.

This would be a Mac-exclusive until 2012 when Thunderbolt ports begin to appear in Windows-powered PCs. So you'll be wondering what ViDock is and what it is capable of:
A ViDock is simply an external case with enough space for a full-length, two-slot-high graphics card — or eGPU — and a convenient two-port USB hub. The current top-of-the-range ViDock 4 Plus provides up to 225 watts and two six-pin connectors — enough to power an Nvidia GTX 560 — and presumably the upcoming Thunderbolt equivalent will provide the same wattage or even more. Like the Thunderbolt Display it might also provide Ethernet and FireWire connectivity, which would be useful for MacBook Air or other ultralight/ultrabook laptops.

The only problem is, Thunderbolt is only 4x PCIe 2.0, so you won't be using this to connect modern, desktop-class GPUs to your laptop — and more importantly you need to carry around a second monitor to actually use a ViDock, there’s the need to carry an LCD monitor with you. The ViDock doesn’t allow you to feed graphics data back into your laptop: you need an additional monitor (or two) to reap the benefits of the external, desktop-class GPU.  So why not just buy a proper gaming laptop?

Now, what will it cost for an gamer. The normal ViDock 4 Plus costs $279, you can be guaranteed that the Thunderbolt version will be at least $300.

Read more about ViDock and the Thunderbolt-enabled version.

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