Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Look back at Steve Jobs Accomplishments Since 1976 [Infograph]

So now here we have an Infograph showing the life of Steve Jobs and his greatest accomplishments. Steve Jobs is just more than a normal human being, He revolutionized the entertainment world. The first computer known as "Apple 1" was the creation of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozinak, and after this first public computer was released, the era of computer industry started and totally revolutionized our world. And after that the iPod, iPhone and in the end the iPad totally changed everything.
But now as Steve Jobs has left Apple so Column Five Media got a chance to create this awesome and very informative infograph regarding the life of Steve Jobs. This infographic presents a history of the most memorable moments and products in Jobs’ career, as well as a selection of some quotes that sum up a lot of his feelings about their design, the competition and the computing landscape.

Check out the Infograph below:

Ode to Steve Jobs, Column Five

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