Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Overclock HP TouchPad To 1.9 GHz [Video Guide]

Some developers at XDA has now found a way to Overclock the new HP TouchPad to 1.9 GHz on both cores. So if you're the who got this new TouchPad recently with reduced price of $100 and you want to try something new with it, you can do it now. According to developers HP TouchPad can be overclocked to 1.9 GHz but there are some issues as most of the devices are getting freezes. So if you dont want that 1.9 Ghz mark, you can try to overclock it to 1.7 Ghz.

UnixPsycho’s Kernel as of 8/27/11 sometimes does not overclock the second core. This is widespread and many experience this. An alternate Kernel to download is Warthog. Warthog’s Kernel can do 1.7Ghz on both cores. If Unixpsycho’s Kernel does not work correctly for you, you can simply uninstall it VIA preware, restart your HP touchpad, find and install Warthog’s kernel via PREWARE, and restart your HP touchpad again. This could be good for you as well
1.9 GHz overclocked HP Touchpad is easy and is relatively safe to,
  • No noticeable effect on battery (stock usually pulls 550mah and 1.5ghz is pulling like 565mah.
  • Touchpad becomes incredibly fast, fluid, responsive, and is a joy to use
  • No heat created
  • Overclocks both cores
  • Feels like you have next generation hardware after the overclock
  • Smooth like butter
You can see this video posted below, or you can also follow the guide posted on XDA Forums:

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