Wednesday, August 24, 2011

'Portal' In real Life [Video]

One of an Youtube User has created an really aweosme video or a kind of short film regarding the Valve's Portal Game. Almost all of the gamers are aware with the Portal Series game the recent one (Portal 2) is also a Huge hit.  So while playing this game most of us wonders if they could have that Portal Gun in real life and have all that fun.

The video appears to be a homage to the game rather than a live-action version of the original story, with a girl who appears to be stuck in some kind of cell. As the video continues you watch her continue working out and being monitored until she figures out a cryptic code on the wall which she then acquires a portal gun from behind a wall panel. She then attempts to escape, running from guards and using the portal gun to out maneuver them until finally escaping, or so she believed.

Check out the Video:

This short film can be turned into an Full length Movie depending upon how many positive reviews it gets!

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