Friday, September 23, 2011

Rover AC13 iOS App-Controlled Spy Tank [Video]

BrookStone has again brought something to the market and this time it's the Rover AC13 spy tank which can be controlled by iPhone, iPod or iPad via an Wifi Connection. There's an App built for this purpose. So it's not just an simple rover tank it have got something which could make you a Spy, there's an camera attached with with it and it's not just an camera it also have an Nightvision so you can use it either at day time or specially at night time when spying at anyone.

So with Rover AC13 watch live video coming from its camera, as it streams back to your idevice. The Rover is even able to capture still photos which you can send to your friends. Furthermore, the G-drive option lets you control Rover by moving your tablet or phone like a steering wheel, or you can opt to control Rover using standard arrow commands.

You can take this tank almost about 200 feet away from you i.e within the Wifi Range.

It's available exclusively from Brookstone with a price tag of $150.

Check out the Video below:

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