Tuesday, October 25, 2011

$650,000 BattleField 3 Simulator Reviewed [Video]

Today here we have some really extra ordinarily amazing. This is the $650,000 first person shooter simulator which has been specifically created for Battle Field 3 or can be used for other games in future. It is an real peace of Art And Science. Last week an teaser video of this new Simulator has been posted by TheGadgetShow youtube channel and now they've released an full video, showing each and everything about this Simulator including it's developers and the technologies used in it.
They've used the latest technologies to build this simulator, and some of the reknown Developers have helped them make this breathtaking. They've used numbers of Hardware and definitely some good softwares to make it realistic and give you the feeling of being in an Battle Field.

This simulator has an 360 degree view of Projection created by 5 3D Projectors, and the sound system is real intense in the arena.

You'll definitely like to check out this video and see it yourself the immense gameplay of BattleField 3 in this Simulator and see the technologies behind it:

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