Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple Announced the new iPhone 4S, A5 CPU, 7 Times Better Graphics and more [Details]

Apple has finally revealed the new iPhone 4S,  this has got the same design like iPhone 4 but the Hardware is better than before. Apple's iPhone Keynote is live and they are discussing it's features. We've finally seen the new iPhone for this year. Check out more details and Specifications below:

Key Features:

1: They added the new Cards app which lets you create your own Greeting cards:

2: Push to all device; pick up on one device where you left off on another.” New messaging Service between iOS users.

3: Twitter Integration : “We’ve integrated Twitter into many of our built-in apps. Tweet photos, web sites, videos, locations from maps. Deep integration from Twitter.”

4:  Camera App Lock Screen Shortcuts

5:  Mail enhancements. Next up: PC-free. “We have a lot of customers who want to use the iPad or iPhone as their only device.” Well, now you can, and it ain’t too shabby. “These are just ten of the new features in iOS 5.”

6: Location Sharing: “at the end of the day, location sharing stops automatically. Easily locate friends and family, temp sharing options, simple privacy controls…”


Apple's new iPhone 4S has got 7 times more powerful and faster graphics than iPhone 4.

Dual Core Graphics

Dual Processors (dual-core A5 CPU)

Long Battery Time

14.4Mbps HSPA+ or EVDO

8 MP Camera

1080p Video Recording

There's a 64 GB Model Also Available for $399


The Price of iPhone 4S for 16 GB Modeil is $199 and 32 GB Model is $399

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