Friday, October 14, 2011

iPhone 4S Siri vs Google's Voice Control Feature [Video]

So today Apple's iPhone 4S is rolling out around Europe and US.  And has now got one of their iPhone 4S and they've created an really nice video which shows the iPhone 4S Siri Assistant used against the Android Voice Control Feature, and after watching that video it's been proved that Siri is significantly better than Android Voice control feature.

Siri from iPhone 4S takes human commands more seriously and give you a better result, while android voice feature doesnt do that good, if it's asked for something it just shows you an Google search result rather than providing an simple answer. Also while sending text messages Android Voice feature doesnt respond to it correctly, while Siri complete your task as you want it.

You'll understand the exact difference between iPhone 4S Siri feature and Android Voice Control feature by watching the video below:

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Alex Efrain Sarmiento Muñoz said...

Nice review, Apple is kicking google's ass!
By the way , put a little more of emotion, don't be sad!

Kimberley said...

I love Android, but Google has a ways to go before the voice actions are as streamlined as Siri. 

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