Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Luxurious iPhone 4S covered with Diamonds and Platinum

Here's another LuxuriousiTem by, as you know they only make the perfect items more beautiful and luxurious and those of the items are covered with either Gold, Diamonds or Crystal. Now here we have an iPhone 4S which has been covered with Diamonds and a lots of them. There are two models one which has diamonds on it and other have Platinum all around.

The First iPhone 4S is covered with 7.8 ct VVS1 diamonds. The back is solid platinum, with a solid platinum Apple logo that is also fully encrusted with diamonds. So guess how would Siri feel wearing all this diamond, will definitely feel the best and luckiest assistant in the world. This diamond version of iPhone 4S is available for £20,995 minimum, or about $33,000 maximum.

The other option is the Crystal iPhone 4S, which costs around a mere £2,495.00/£4,000. The links to both these models are posted above.

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