Monday, October 17, 2011

Microsoft's new TV Ad Campaign [Videos]

Microsoft's are not promoting their multiple products at once in this new TV Ad campaign, It Features XboX 360, The Windows Phone and also Windows 7. It shows all in once, featuring the Kinect to excercise and making videos with Windows phone and directly uploading it to the web which is the new Mango OS Feature, and Sharing, All happens at same place, having family fun and more.

Through these ads Microsoft want to show that they make more than just just it's Xbox 360 Console. According to Microsoft's Chief Marketing Strategist David Webster:
"If they know we're the same company that came up with those ideas, and now we have these PCs and phones -- they're more likely to think: 'Wow, I should check out these PCs and phones.'"
So check out the two videos yet made by Microsoft in this new Ad Campaign. Microsoft uses the following tagline for these Ads "It's a great time to be a Family"

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