Friday, October 14, 2011

Steve Wozniak was also First in the Line for iPhone 4S [Video]

Steve Wozniak the Co-Founder of Apple and a great genius behind all the Apple Products. Steve Wozniak has now proved that he's the real fan of Apple and iPhone and also he's a regular man standing for an iPhone 4S like an Apple Fan. Steve Wozinak and his trusty Segway came up to the Apple store in Los Gatos on Thursday and decided to stay overnight till they get their own iPhone 4S.

When spoken to Steve Wozniak he said that, he have already two phones coming to his home,but doesn't mind hanging out for one more for his wife.
This is also not the first time Steve Wozinak has appeared in an line for an Apple Product, You can see an video below of Valley fair in 2007, when Steve Wozinak waited for nine hours:

You can see more Photos and Videos of Apple Stores before the Launch of iPhone 4S.

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