Friday, October 14, 2011

Tutorial: How to Set/Create Custom Vibrations in iPhone 4S [Guide]

If you've watched all the videos of iPhone 4S features then you would definitely know about this new Custom Vibration feature in iPhone 4S. That lets you create your own custom vibration and set it for an Incoming call or Message. iPhone 4S already come with five preloaded vibrations ,s so you can either choose one of them or create your own vibration according to your accent.

So here we have an guide that will teach you on how to enable the custom vibration feature in iPhone 4S and create your own vibrations. It is simple as you've imagined, so check out the images below:

Step 1: Go to Settings >> Accessbility >> Now Turn on the Custom Vibrations

Step 2: Now Go to Sounds >> Vibrations >> Create New Vibration

Step 3: And now finally, You can tap the screen to create a vibration. So use your creativity and make vibrations according to your choice.

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guest said...

Please let me know of the original setting for New Voicemail via Sounds (Setting). Thanks.

asterope said...

I havent in my iPhone 4S this command "Custom Vibrations". What can I do?

Sunshine Girl said...

I have the IPhone 4S also and I do not have Custom Vibrations either. How do I get to it?   Accessibility does not have what your instructions say.  

safdar said...

Is it same for iPhone 5? I want to set custom vibration on my iPhone 5. en ucuz iphone 5

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