Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apple iTv Concept Images

As everyone knows that Apple is now working on their upcoming product and this is the new Apple Tv or iTv which will be a totally different concept with amazing new features also including the Siri Assistant in it. It will totally change they way you interact with an Tv.
Even Steve Jobs himself qouted, if you've read his biography that,“I’ve cracked the TV”. Definitely he was talking about this new revolutionary product, and there are lots of rumors about it, so we'll expect an iTv from Apple soon.

But for now here we have some concept images created by an artist called Guilherme M. Schasiepen, he have considered all the rumors going on nowadays and tried to conceptualized the new Apple iTv. And it looks really great in these images, if it gets real then it would be even more awesome.

Check out the images below:

“In this concept, the iTv, is a tv made of steel and glass and is extremely thin. It also brings an IOS completely renovated and incredible new features such as TV Apps, including a app store only for this device. and include the No-Glasses 3D technology, FaceTime HD, iCloud, AirPlay, Siri Control, and of course the multitouch screen.”
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