Monday, November 14, 2011

HzO Technology Makes any Smartphone WaterProof and also Make calls UnderWater [Video]

HzO is an new company and they've got a new NanoTechnology for your smartphone, With the new HzO Technology any smartphone can be made WaterProof and also lets you make calls underwater. And it's really interesting to know that HzO technology doesn't actually keeps the water out of your smartphone when drowned but it lets water to creep inside and around your phone without doing any damage what-so-ever.

How It Works:

The HzO Technology is an different type of Nanotechnology, This creates a nano-scale film barrier around the circuits of your smartphone which keeps the water from doing damage to them. If you want more detailed explanation, check out this video below:


During the Press Preview of Upcoming CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 the guys from HzO demonstrated this technology, and the smartphone they used is the Samsung's Galaxy S 2. What they do is, they Drop the Galaxy S 2 in the Bowl of water and the results are amazing the phone responds perfectly and fully functional. Check out this video below:

The Good thing about this is you don't see any kind of coating around your smartphone it's really Nano and protects your smartphone.

There's still not much details available about this new technology but it will be revealed soon. If you plan on buying a can of HzO and applying it to your smartphone, tablets, TV , unfortunately the process is a bit more complicated than that.

We'll be covering the CES 2012 Event in January, So make sure you don't miss it.

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Source: HzO


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