Monday, November 28, 2011

Make your iPhone 4S More awesome with this Transparent Back Panel

The Folks at iFixit have released an new Package which will help you in two ways, first it will help you by making your iPhone 4S clean and free of damage secondly with this new transparent back your iPhone 4S would look even more awesome and Unique.

The Package which they've released is available for $29.95 and it includes:

  • iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel – make your phone awesome
  • Liberation Kit – the tools you need to get rid of those pesky pentalobe screws
  • Thirsty Bag – the best way to dry your phone after an unexpected swim
  • Screen protector – keep your screen pristine and beautiful
So you'll be wondering how to take off it's original back and replace it with the new transparent one. You just have to simply remove two screws (you’ll have a new Liberation Kit to help you with that), slide the back panel off, and slide on the new one.

Still if it's hard, you can see this tutorial below:

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