Sunday, November 27, 2011

New SiriProxy Plugin Lets you control Mac Apps and also Google Voice [Video]

Siri on iPhone 4S is now emerging as an full responsible assistant than just your iPhone 4S assistant, In last few days there are lots of SiriProxy Plugin released in which one lets you start and stop your car with voice commands. And now as it's been hacked so other hackers are also inventing different plugins which makes Siri more Impressive.

We now have an new SiriProxy Plugin which lets you control your Mac Apps allowing you to Launch or interact with different Apps on Mac. Other than that it also lets you control the Google Voice App in a way to send messages by just your voice command.

Check out this video below:

There's a lot more to be revealed, and definitely Siri will become an very useful tool in near future, which'll help us in many ways which you can't imagine.

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