Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ultimate Fun: Play Fruit Ninja And Angry Birds Online to destroy Any website [Video]

Today here we have some really interesting game created by Nokia Argentina. They have created an Javascript which allows you to play these two games(Fruit Ninja And Angry Birds) online on any website and destroy them with either those Angry Birds or just cut them through you sword playing Fruit ninja. It's really fun doing it, we have posted below how you can do this and also posted an video for your ease.

Just follow these simple steps and you will then be destroying our website :

  1. Just Go to Nokia Argentina website
  2. Drag the icons of the game in the bookmarks bar (See the video below)
  3. After you have bookmarked that just comeback to iTechvision start destroying everything.
  4. And Click on the link you bookmarked
  5. Now start destroying everything :)
It's that Simple!

Here's the video tutorial:

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