Friday, December 2, 2011

Playstation 3 Having Issues after Software Update v4.0

Sony have recently released the new firmware update for PS3 Which brings support for the new PS Vita which not yet released. But now it's been reported by most of the Playstation users that they are having issues with their Playstation 3 after updating to this new firmware.
According to posts from different forums users are reporting that their PS3 Freezes while playing game, Modern Warfare 3 or Skyrim users are having this issue more than other users.

PS3 freezing constantly after 4.0 update.
I updated to 4.0 tonight, and my machine is freezing A LOT! I am playing MW3. Just sitting in my party working on classes, and bang, total freeze. So I have to hold the power button and go through the whole checking/restoring file system process everytime. This never happened before tonight.
Re: PS3 freezing constantly after 4.0 update.
So i am having similar issues. My ps3 now freezes on everything. It won't lock up but it will freeze for seconds at a time on almost everything. And i had just restored it to stock the same day and it was working excellently. Almost everything takes a long time to open. Netflix about 45 seconds used to be about 10. Psn store is up to 30 from 2. I want to downgrade.
We're not sure why this happens but Sony might have an good answer for this, maybe they can explain or they might release an update which fixes this Bug.

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