Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tip: How To get the new Google Bar [Tutorial]

Google have recently announced that they'll soon replace their controversial black Google Bar with a new One which'll appear when you move your mouse cursor over the google logo. The new Google Bar looks really awesome and have all the options you want while using Google famous products.

Check out this Video that shows the new Google Bar:

Google Haven't yet released the Google Bar for Public, So here we have an trick that'll enable the Google Bar for you. So just follow these simple steps below:


1: You have to Install the ‘Edit This Cookie’ extension to change cookies on Chrome.

2: Load, right-click on webpage and select ‘Edit cookies’.

3: Move to the "PREF" section and change its value to this:

4: Click on ‘Submit cookie changes’ at the bottom.

5: Reload Google and you have the new Google bar.

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