Monday, December 27, 2010

Android MusicPlayer v3.0 App leaked for Honeycomb!

We have got the news that Android music player 3.0 app has been leaked for Honeycomb, it's the same App that was demoed at Google I/O event this year. Later this year Google has Demoed the Complete UI and features of this App, and Now it's been leaked.  However the leaked music player app is very buggy & doesn’t offer any of those features which Google demoed at I/O event, but it has got significant GUI overhaul. This App has been Leaked on XDA Forums.

It has been planned for Android 3.0 aka honeycomb release but if you don’t want to wait until Android 3.0 and wants to get your hands dirty with this music player app then head over to XDA forum & download android music player 3.0 APK file.

Here's the Video of Musicplayer Running on an Android Phone:

You can Download the Leaked Version of this App from Here.
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[Via Engadget]


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