Monday, December 27, 2010

Mozilla FireFox Coming to iOS Devices?

Firefox Developer has given us some comments on whethere if FireFox will ever be released for iOS devices? He said on that:
"We have no plans to release the full Firefox browser for Apple iOS devices. The current iOS SDK agreement forbids apps like Firefox that include their own compilers and interpreters".
"We currently have an iPhone App called Firefox Home, which lets you sync your Firefox tabs, history and bookmarks to your iOS device. You can get it from the app store", or read more here:

Other browsers for iOS use the built-in WebKit libraries (like Skyfire) or do not execute any JavaScript on the device itself (like Opera Mini, which uses a proxy server). Mozilla could create a browser that did one of those things, but it wouldn't be related to Firefox in any way.
"3.3.2 An Application may not download or install executable code. Interpreted code may only be used in an Application if all scripts, code and interpreters are packaged in the Application and not downloaded. The only exception to the foregoing is scripts and code downloaded and run by Apple’s built-in WebKit framework."

It's technically possible to port Firefox to iOS, and some people have done some work on that in their spare time. But unless Apple removes these restrictions, Mozilla will not spend time and money on this project. The development would likely violate the SDK agreement, and it would not be distributable to non-jailbreak iOS users."

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Source: Quoro
Via: TechCrunch


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