Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guide: Download and Update iOS Update without iTunes

If you want to Download and Update your IPSW and do not want to use iTunes to do it for you then here's the guide for you,  You can download any iOS software updates for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch without using iTunes. If you are having trouble Updating with iTunes then simply download your Respective Firmware (IPSW File) and Follow the guide after the break.
First of all select your IPSW File to Download and Update iOS:

Note:To put the IPSW File in your Device you should need iTunes

Download iTunes Latest Version Here

Once you have downloaded the IPSW file that corresponds with your iOS device:
  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Option+Click (Mac OS X) or Shift+Click (Windows) the Update button
  3. Select the IPSW update file you just downloaded
  4. Let iTunes update your hardware to the latest version
You're done after that.This is often a more reliable way to get an iOS update immediately, sometimes iTunes will time out during the download when an iOS update has just been released, this is probably due to server overload. Frankly, it’s often faster to just download the update files directly from Apple since they are delivered through a CDN they tend to go at or near your maximum download speeds.
On a side note, if you attempted to download an iOS update from within iTunes and it failed, you may want to trash the file it downloaded. You can do this by going to the IPSW file location and just deleting the file. Sometimes this alone can resolve iOS download problems too.
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