Thursday, December 9, 2010

iTune is now offering 90-second song previews!

Apple has started rolling out 90 second song previews on iTunes tonight. The offering is presently sporadic with not every album, or even every eligible song on an album, offering a full 90 second preview. Apple has realized this and is set to do something about it. Plans are being put into place to extend the preview time for a song to 90 seconds, or triple the current limit. However, it won’t apply to all songs and some music publishers may refuse to allow it at all.

The longer previews are not put in place yet, but news that they are coming was found by MacRumors which managed to get a copy of the letter Apple is sending out to music labels. In it Apple states that any song longer than 150 seconds will get the 90 second preview. Any song shorter than that will keep the 30 second preview.

For us consumers, this is nothing but good news; the old 30-second previews often weren't nearly long enough to get a sense of whether or not a song was worth a download, but 90-seconds is just right.
This is the letter Officially given by Apple iTunes to their Users:

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