Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guide: Windows Phone 7 YouTube Video Embed Problem Fixed [How to] [Video]

Here is a easy fix for all Windows Phone 7 users who are facing issues not getting the embedded YouTube videos on Webpage. Before proceeding with this guide. you should have YouTube App on your Device.

Step by Step Guide on How to Fix Embed YouTube videos on Windows Phone 7:

1-  Go in to your Settings on WP7.
2-  Click on region and language
3-  From Region Format, select English (United States)
4-  Click on the link which says ” Some changes will require that you restart your phone. “
5-  After reboot go in to Pocket IE and click the 3 dot in the bottom right and choose settings, Make sure Pocket 6-  IE is set to mobile version and NOT the desktop version. You can access it from the settings on Pocket IE.
7-  Click on delete history
8-  Enjoy Embedded YouTube videos on any website on Pocket IE

You can also see these Steps in this Video:

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