Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There are now 200,000+ Apps Available in Android Market

Android Market is going too fast, recently we saw a 100,000 apps Milestone and now Android has surpassed 200,000 Apps milestone. An average of 20,000 apps are added to Android Market per month. It’s a huge number if we compare it to Windows Phone 7 which is round about 3,300 Apps per month and reached to 5,000 till now. A year ago Android Market has only 20,000 Apps and now It crosses 200,000 which is a huge remarkable achievement for Android.

With the release of Gingerbread this number will increase more rapidly, also Android Honeycomb OS around the corner so It’s a great time for Android Market. It will definitely boost the number of Apps in Android Market.
But the actual thing which we should discuss here is the quality of these Apps. It’s about the quality not the quantity which matters. No doubt Android has a huge variety of fantastic apps but there are also thousands of crap Apps which should not be present in Android Market. Apps are now one of most important aspect if anyone buying a Smartphone.

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