Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace DRM Cracked - Allowing to get Free Paid Apps From Market Place [Video]

The Windows Phone 7 Market Place has been cracked now by the team of Hacker and Developers called as "Devious devs". There crack allows you to get free installation of paid apps. THey were workng on this for a long time and now have been succeeded in Punching a hole in Microsoft's WP7 marketplace DRM(Digital Rights Management).

The technique is currently just in proof of concept form, So it might take time for a Public Release, If it's been released to Public, then this would called as Piracy. According WP Central:
Disclosure: Well before the publication of this article, WPCentral contacted Microsoft's Brandon Watson directly about the breach, and we are working with Microsoft to address this latest security development. Microsoft may be providing a statement to us addressing this issue, which we will of course post in its entirety.
Since then, a "white hat" developer has provided WPCentral with a proof-of-concept program that can successfully pull any application from the Marketplace, remove the security and deploy to an unlocked Windows Phone with literally a push of a button. Alternatively, you could just saved the cracked XAP file to your hard drive. Neither the app nor the methodology is public, and it will NOT be released (please don't ask). It is important to note that this was all done within six hours by one developer.
In this Video an Application has been shown Known as "FreeMarketPlace" Which  makes it easier to crack the Paid Apps and Download it easily, Check out the Video:

So If details of this vulnerability used to achieve the DRM crack are made available to the public, unscrupulous programers could use the exploit to develop software that allows users to steal applications and deploy them to Windows Phone 7 devices. So let's see How Microsoft Responds to this Security Hole.

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