Thursday, December 2, 2010

iOS 4.2 hidden feature - Reduces network strain, Saves Battery

There are lots of new feature found in iOS 4.2 and all of them are known and famous to users, But there's an hidden feature found in this new iOS. Which make it lighter and it reduces Network stress on it. This new feature/Tech is called as "Network Controlled Fast Dormancy". The good thing about this is that makes your battery live long and take the stress away from the network you are using.

This great feature has been discovered by Nokia Siemens Networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks did a few tests and discovered that updated iPhones support Network Controlled Fast Dormancy, a feature developed by Nokia-Siemens Networks itself.
What basically this technology do is that it combines both network and the handset work together to create the best conditions for iPhone to work best and have minimal use of battery and network congestion to give you best results.

Modern smartphones connect almost constantly to the cellular network whether user uses it or not. Actually, the device switches between active and idle states in very regular intervals to pull emails or notifications. All this disconnecting and reconnecting takes time and can cause a frustratingly slow network response.  On the other hand, leaving the smartphone in an active mode all the time drains the battery very quickly.

 It works same like how this image shows it.When it has gathered the information it needs, usually working in the background so you don’t even notice it’s happening, some smartphones then switch immediately into the idle state in order to conserve battery power. So when you next want some data from the network, the smartphone has to reconnect. This involves the network and phone exchanging many small signals.

According to Nokia Siemens Networks:
As more operators and handset OSs incorporate technologies that improve smartphone performance, our smart networks will play an increasingly important role in making your smartphone experience simply more enjoyable.
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