Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MyTracks 2.2.13 - Download and Sync GPS Tracks to Photos for MAC

Dirk Stichling is the Independent developer of MyTracks 2.2.13, and he has just announced this App for MAC OS X. This is great an great created by Dirk it has awesome features within it. MyTracks 2.2.13 is basically an versatile GPS/Photo application that allows you to download, sync, edit, and record GPS tracks. It's Logger Assistan has an awesome capacity to assist more than 50 different GPS loggers such as devices from Holux, Garmin, Gisteq, Wintec, and QStarz.

Some of it's features Includes:

  • Automatic geotagging
  • iPhoto '09 & '11
  • Aperture 3 compatibility
  • track import, export
  • editing and library
  • geocaching
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Bing Maps
  • Google Earth support

It also have a free iOS version of the application with sync capabilities. The update adds full compatibility with Apple's new iPhoto '11.
This new app is very Reliable and flexible to use, it's mainly designed to simplified download of GPS tracks & organization in a Tracks Library. It allows the user to drag & drop JPEG or RAW photo files onto myTrack's dock icon, where they will undergo geotagging automatically, syncing to the appropriate GPS track. A manual mode allows for geotagging without a GPS track.

Feature Highlights:
  1. Logger Assistant with more than 50 presets for downloading GPS tracks
  2. Search, bookmark, and organize using the Track Library
  3. 1-click, drag & drop geotagging of JPEG and RAW photo files
  4. Drag & drop to iPhoto '09 or '011, or Aperture 3 for geotagging with Places support
  5. Display tracks on a wide variety of maps online and offline
  6. Import, export, and edit tracks in GPX, KML, and KMZ formats
  7. Full support for geocaching, including import, export, and filtering
  8. Upload photos from within the application to flicr and locr
  9. Compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, GraphicConverter or Mac OS X Finder
  10. Free versions for iOS include track recording and sync with OS X application
Also supported are import, export, editing, and recording GPS tracks. The app exports to GPX, KML, and KMZ format files. It imports both GPX and KML files. Photos with GPS metadata can be used to create new tracks. GPS loggers sometimes record imperfect tracks due to mountains, high buildings, etc. myTracks allows the user to correct any track points, or add and delete points. There are two free apps available for iPhone/iPod touch (myTracks 1.3.2), and iPad (myTracks HD 1.0.3), which allow GPS logging for personal use. Tracks can be sent by email or synced with myTracks 2.2 for Mac OS X.
"myTracks 2.2 is part of an integrated GPS/Photo system for devices running OS X and iOS," stated developer Dirk Stichling. "I believe myTracks offers an excellent value to any Mac user interested in a full-featured app for GPS downloading, track organizing, geotagging, geocaching, importing, exporting, editing, and syncing."
It's Language support include US English, German, French and Japanese and myTracks 2.2.13 for Mac OS X is 9,95 (Euros) and available worldwide through the Dirk Stichling website. A 30-day free trial copy with no restrictions is available for download. Review copies are available upon request.

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