Saturday, December 18, 2010

Notion Inks Adam Tablet Hands-On [Video]

A Hands-On video of Notion Inks Adam Tablet has just been released by folks at AndroidPolice. So to let our users know about this new Tablet we have shares this video. As you can see this is an actual hands on demo of the much anticipated Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet.

In the video you will see an actual rundown of the Eden UI, a handful of Notion Inks custom applications and a very nice look at the USB and HDMI support. This is an great tablet to work on. It also easily utilizes a wireless Mouse with it and also reading a Thumb Drive is so simple for this tablet. This Hands-On video shares all the information require about this Tablet, It's been created by Rohan Shravan the CEO of Notion Ink.

Check out the Video:

We'll Keep you updated as soon as we get more news about Notion Inks Adam Tablet. Till then Stay Tuned with us!

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