Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wikileaks get it's Unofficial App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Nowadays Wikileaks is the most dominant website in the world of Politics, Wikileaks has brought a big change with it. It's leaks from different Organizations and Governments are Astonishing. Now the Unofficial App for Wikileaks is available to download. To make sure you don't miss any Spice from the politics world,if you're interested in it.

From iTunes Page:
The truth is now available in your iPhone and iPad:
The Wikileaks app gives instant access to the world’s most documented leakage of top secret memos and other confidential government documents.
The Wikileaks app reflects old and recent cable updates, WikiLeaks Tweets and the WikiLeaks Website completely formatted for iPhone and iPad.
The sleek, intuitive design interface is significantly upgraded over the traditional Wikileaks Pages to ensure ease-of-use
Because of its intelligent platform, the app will continue to feed content regardless of server disruptions.
It is your duty to stay informed – Get Wikileaks app today for just $1.99!
One Dollar For Internet Freedom
Internet democracy requires funds to stay strong. By purchasing the Wikileaks app, you donate 1 dollar of the purchase price towards organizations that work to promote the future of online democracy.
See daily updates of fund raising on @wikileaksapp
The Wikileaks app and its designers operate independently of Wikileaks and Apple.


* Autoforward to actual mirror
* Full access to WikiLeaks website (including CableGate)
* #wikileaks hashtag and @wikileaks posts in delicious    design Benifits
* Continuous news feed regardless of Wikileaks server      disruptions
* Elegant design formatted for iPhone and iPhone.
* Instant access to old and new Wikileaks documents
This App is available in iTunes for Just $1.99. You can download this App for iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad from Here.

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