Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SHatter Exploit has been leaked from Dev-Team

The first exploit that was created by Dev-Team to Jailbreak our devices was SHatter Exploit. It was at that time to be released for iPhone users to Jailbreak their iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1 but fortunately it didn't because GeoHot has released his own Exploit called as Limera1n, Which used the same SHatter exploit to Jailbreak our iDevices. So it was a coincidence that Limera1n was released and SHatter Bootroom Exploit was saved for the future Devices.

Limera1n, Greenpois0n(SHatter Exploit), Pwned
After the Release of GeoHot's Limera1n Exploit, Dev-Team has decided not to release their Exploit for now and Save it for the future iDevices. SHatter Exploit was mainly found by Dev-Team member pod2g.

But now comes the Turning Point, Posixninja also a Dev-Team Member worked on SHatter Exploit. And one another Devloper and Hacker working on SHatter Exploit was MuscleNerd. So now the news which has been recieved from their tweets is that Dev-Team SHatter Exploit has been leaked and MuscleNerd Has been Accused by PosixNinja for this Leak of Exploit. In reply to that Musclenerd of course pleaded not guilty, and cleared his stance that why would he do it as he will need the jailbreak to work on unlock for the next iPhone. MuscleNerd also noted that there were like 15 to 20 others in the room when pod2g showed his SHAtter code for the first time.
So in consiquence to that would Apple is going to patch both Limera1n and SHAtter in one go for all the next-gen devices, and in a hardware revision for the current iOS devices?

Here's the exact conversation held in Twitter between PosixNinja and MuscleNerd:
p0sixninja: @MuscleNerd no, the version leaked had one small change I did right before it was given to YOU and YOU only!!

p0sixninja: @MuscleNerd pod2g gave it to you in PM

p0sixninja: @MuscleNerd dude, you leaked it and tried to frame me to get pod2g to leave cdev, I’ve already heard it all

p0sixninja: SHAtter is burned, and now everyone knows why. Oh well, untether bootrom exploit is still on the way
MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja you never gave me a version
MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja please stop trying to bring up drama again. You always do this when you’re otherwise empty-handed.
MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja I believe one of the 15 people in that room leaked SHAtter because GP didn’t work on Mac at that point
MuscleNerd: @p0sixninja lol yes, that’s exactly why I would leak something that helps me more than anyone (unlock depends on jailbreak). Please think.
We'll keep you updated if there's something else found about this case!

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