Sunday, January 9, 2011

PS3(Playstation 3) Homebrew Signing Tools Released by GeoHot - enables to run custom firmware (CFW)

GeoHot has released a new tool for Playstation 3 after releasing the Jailbreak. This new tools is Named as "Homebrew Signing Tools". This signing tool can be used to “sign” old and new homebrew which enables it to run the custom firmware (CFW) released by Geohot.

GeoHot has also released a Video of PlayStation 3 on firmware 3.55 running Homebrew software.
homebrew signing source
make_self_npdrm makes valid NPDRM selfs from elfs
it does not contain any info on decrypting or removing NPDRM
NPDRM is required for interoperability of our homebrew applications
package_finalize turns your debug packages into psuedoretail packages
psuedoretail packages install on a geohot jailbroken PS3

i’m excited to see what you will create
open source SDK @ PSL1GHT
Update: If you don't know how to Use HomeBrew Signing Tool, simply follow this Link.

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