Friday, February 11, 2011

New Rumored Samsung Galaxy Tablet Specs leaked [Report]

We are now getting more and more Rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet as MWC (Mobile World Congress) is approaching. We already got an Rumor after CES 2011 that Samsung will release their new Tablet at MWC, and now it's getting more and more obvious. Samsung is expected to reveal another new tablet, said to be the successor of Sasmsung Galaxy Tab at MWC on Sunday. This is still a rumor given to Pocket Lint  by an Unknown Source. This Tablet's name is not yet confirmed but it is rumored to be Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

This New Tablet is said to be more thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Tab. As you can see in the Image Above this new tablet will feature 8-megapixel camera, a 10.1-inch touchscreen and a dual-core Qualcomm processor — and 1.2 GHz chip.
According To Mashable:
This rumor doesn’t come a moment too soon, especially since consumers don’t seem completely happy with the current 7-inch Galaxy Tab (pictured above), reportedly suffering from a return rate of 16%. Compare that to the return rate of iPads at 2%, and there’s clearly a problem.
It is also said to be a little smaller than iPad in terms of it's size, But it's screen is supposed to be a little bigger.
There are more specs yet to be revealed of this new tablet, This tablet might Show up in MWC on Sunday, and also it's name is not yet revealed. So stay tuned with  us for more on this new as we'll keep you updated.
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