Friday, February 11, 2011

Opera Browser For iPad Coming Soon [Teaser Video]

Opera Browser will soon be available for iPad. According to Opera Software, The iPad Version of Opera Browser will be showed-up at Mobile World Congress being held next week in Barcelona. But they haven't yet revealed when will it be available to download. Opera Browser is an good browser for the people who love browsing all day. It's fast and reliable, It uses Opera Software’s servers to compress data up to 90% as it finds its way to mobile platforms. It’s an efficient way to save bandwidth that could translate well to the iPad.

We can see the durability of Opera Browser with the iPhone. As It was already released for iPhone since last April, and works perfectly fine with iPhone. Giving better browsing experience.
Opera appeared to bury this announcement at the bottom of a press release, placing the iPad at the end of a long laundry list of platforms that will be receiving this new software:
“At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, new versions of the Opera Mini browser on Android, iPhone, J2ME, BlackBerry, Symbian and even the iPad will appear.”
Opera Software will not only release it for iPad but it will also be Showed-up for Android, J2Me, BlackBerry and Symbian Devices in Mobile World Congress.

Opera Software already gave a teaser Video of Opera Browser running on Samsung Galaxy Tablet, all the features of this browser with this tablet are very cool, It gives smooth panning and zooming, and its signature grid on the home screen that looks a lot like its desktop browsers.
The Video below has shown the Opera Browser with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. and in this video we can see the this Version of Browser for Tablets have the same UI (User Interface) as it has for iPhone. You can check the Teaser Video Below:

So we have to wait for the Mobile World Congress for Opera Browser to be Showed up for iPad.

Stay Tuned with us 'cause there's lot more to be revealed at MWC and we'll put an eye on that too.
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