Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Windows Phone 7 Upcoming Commercials, Shows ‘real time trials' Against Other SmartPhones [Video]

Microsoft is going to release some new advertisements of Windows Phone 7 on the Internet Soon. As WinRumors Reports, these new commercials will be named as “real time trials”. In which they have shown the Windows Phone 7 features compared with it's rival Phones Including It's Speed and Reliability.
Advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky was commissioned in December to create the commercials specifically for use in web advertising. These Commercial are said to hit the high profile Internet sites in the coming months.

These Ads shows how Fast Windows Phone 7 Works and how it is better than other of it's Rival smart Phones.

According to WinRumors:
WinRumors has obtained draft copies of the commercials . Microsoft shows off its Windows Phone devices in a number of different scenarios including checking Xbox achievements, getting directions home and telling colleagues you’re late. The videos are currently a place holder where Microsoft plans to fill in the “your phone” parts with rival devices. Previous Windows Phone commercials have been light-hearted and these are no different. Tasks are completed by users and then they humorously make use of their free time as the commercial waits for the rival device to catch up.
This video below has shown 4 challenges that Windows Phone 7 has taken and compared it with the other smart phones. These challenges Includes:
  • How fast Windows Phone 7 Share Pictures on facebook as Compared to other Smart Phone.
  • Check Xbox Achievements
  • Tell colleagues you're late
  • Directions to Home

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Source: WinRumors 


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