Monday, March 7, 2011

New Apple Tv to Handle 1080p Videos with it's A5 Processor?

iPad 2 is the only Apple product which will feature the latest A5 Processor. iPad 2 is now just a few days away from it's release, and the amazing thing about it is that it features Dual Core 1GHz A5 Processor with the same price as of iPad first generation. According to Steve Job's Keynote, this A5 Processor can handle 1080p Videos easily. And you can also have an HD display on any Apple Device via the HDMI adapter and cable.

Now Apple is looking forward to overhaul the Apple Tv with the new A5 Processor chip. The existing Apple Tv has an A4 Chip which only supports 720p content. And soon this will be outdated by the latest A5 Chip. And this is most likely to happen in September this year. This upgrade will bring a big change to Apple Tv as it will allow it display 1080p content.

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