Monday, March 7, 2011

10 of the Best "Tilt Shift" Photos taken from an iPhone [Photos]

Nowadays iPhone is getting it's fame because of it's best mobile phone camera. People now use iPhone camera as an professional as it gives the best results from it. Here we have also some photos taken from the iPhone's camera. The amazing thing about these photos are that all of them are "Tilt Shift" Photos.Tilt-shift has been around in analog photography for years. Many of us know knows about the tilt shift photos, that makes cityscapes look like toy towns with “fake miniature” people and vehicles.etc.

Down below are the some of the best tilt shift photos taken from an iPhone:

Delaware & Paulimskill by Robert Yaskovic
Catzilla by Sherry Chen
Not a Train by !Phone
Up or Dopwn by Sascha Unger
The Diver by Max Berkowitz
Ready to Seat by Scott Williams
Stoneridge Mall by Stephen Hollingsworth
Anticipation by Max Berkowitz
Miniature View by Mariano Lopez
Mind the Gap by Curly Phil

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