Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cydia 1.1 has been released And Available to download, Bugs Fix, Stable and New Features [Download]

Saurik has just released a new Version of Cydia that is Cydia 1.1.0. Saurik on twitter was talking about this new Cydia a long time and now finally it's been released, This new version is now available to all those users who have Jailbroken their Devices.

Saurik has posted about this new update on Twitter:

Cydia 1.1: Faster, Slimmer and more Stable; Including an Improved Search algorithm and "resume where you left" Available in Cydia Now!
So according to him there are now lots of new features in this New Version off Cydia. It is now more faster and also more Stable. New features in it are that it's search algorithm has been improved and multitasking which means you can resume where you left.
In Cydia 1.1, Freeman has managed to largely resolve the issue of multi-tasking with a “resume where you left off” feature which lets you quickly (I experienced less than 4 seconds wait time) get back to exactly where you were in the app, whether it be on a search page or inside a section folder.
Note: installing Cydia 1.1 removes older default packages. This is normal: repositories are managed differently, and will not be deleted.


Make sure you have iFile and Safari Download manager installed on your iDevice. Than navigate to from Safari and download Cydia with Safari Download manager and install it from iFile.


Just go to Cydia from your Device and take the offered upgrade!


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