Saturday, March 26, 2011

New FireFox 4 InfoGraphic Statsitics

FireFox 4 was released on Tuesday and made it's way to 7.1 Million Users computers in just 24 Hour, and in first 48 Hours it got 15.85 million downloads. FireFox Browser download stats was always the Best as in 2008 a Guinness World Record was made when FireFox 3 was released and downloaded some 8 Million Times in just 24 Hours. And Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 has just got  2.35 Million Downloads in Just 24 Hours.

Here we have the Infograph made by the team at Mozilla blog, This Infograpgh is really great as it shares the Mozilla FireFox 4 Download stats in according with time, regions, Data and Number of Downloads. CHeck it out below:

You can see more InfoGraphs Here.

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