Thursday, March 10, 2011

ModernWarfare: FindMakarov to release soon - Will it be a Game or Movie?

It was rumored that the ModernWarfare 3 will release soon, when they launched the website named as When clicked that website lead to an countdown . But the rumor was soon over when the countdown came to an end, and get live. Now when you click on the link, you'll be directed to an Film like video created by EA, Which gives a little confirmation that EA will soon be going to reveal something Big. But still it's not sure what it would be, Will it be the ModernWarfare game or ModernWarfare Movie?

They have also created an Facebook Page with a name "" in which they have given some update about the Upcomming Announcement:

You can see the Video which they have updated on Below, and use your imagination what it could be? you can also share your review on this with us in comments:

We're still not sure what are they going to Announce, but this time it will be something for sure. Stay Tuned with us, we'll update you more on this News

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