Thursday, March 10, 2011

Safari And IE8 Got Hacked while Chrome still Remained Safe in Pwn2Own Competition

Pwn2Own Competition has now been started and in this competition Google has given an Open Challenge to any Hacker to Hack Chrome. If anyone one succeeded, He'll get paid $20,000 by Google. While this competition was going on two takers accepted the Google challenge, but unfortunately both were backed down. And another second entry called as "Team Anon"  decided not to mess with chrome and got their focus elsewhere.

While in this competition IE8 and Safari got shamed. IE8 was hacked by Stephen Fewer,who used three separate vulnerabilities to get out of Protected Mode and crack that browser's best locks. Safari was also hacked within 5 seconds which was running on MacBook Air.

So the results until now, The victory goes to Chrome and IE8 And Safari are Shamed.

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