Sunday, March 20, 2011

iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 Unlocked BB 2.10.04/3.10.01 with Gevey SIM Method [Teaser Video]

Redmondpie has just recieved some screenshots of iPhone 4 Unlocked on Baseband 2.10.04/ 03.10.01 using the Gevey SIM Method, running T Mobile Network in US.

For those who don't know,
Gevey SIM for iPhone 4 basically works by forcing the activation of the baseband using the emergency dialer, and it is also said to be vulnerable up to iOS 4.3. You can read more about how it actually works by navigating to this link here.
So if you have had enough and want to Unlock your Device, you can use this Method to Unlock your iPhone 4. But it is recommended not to because of it's legal status. As you have waited too long for the Unlock, so wait a little more for Software based unlock as it will be safed.Dev-Team is working on it, maybe we'll soon see it.

Here's the Video of Unlocked iPhone 4 on BB 02.10.04 using the Gevey SIM Method:

As soon as the Legal Unlock(40-Bit NCK) for iPhone 4 is available we'll update you. Stay Tuned With Us!

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[Via Redmondpie]


alzubair said...

iphone 4 unlocked price is too high,.. prefer to chose samsung galaxy s2 unlocked , :-)

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