Sunday, March 20, 2011

New 2011 MacBook Pros Having Issues - Freezing, Crashing, Home Sharing and other

News From itechvision,
Apples New MacBook Pros have got lots of Features with a very Powerful Processor, not just the processor is powerful but it's RAM and other specs are also good. But it's a fact that with all these things it still have Bugs you can say. There are lots of MacBook Pro users complaining about Issues with their Laptops. Some say their MacBook Pro Freezes and they have to restart every time it freezes. Users say when they run more than 5 Apps at a time, it suddenly freezes and you can't do anything with it except moving the cursor.

These issues are not just related to single person, they are global issues. Before that we saw many people having problem with iTunes Home Sharing on MacBook Pros.

Here's what users are complaining about, these have been taken from Apple Discussion Board:

One of the User have reported this to Apple so they reply he got was to install SnowLeopard again if still presists you have to replace it:

So the real question is Why are there so Much Bugs in these New MacBook Pros, we still don't know. Let Apple give us answers for these.

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